Revolutionizing the way you understand disease and the way researchers get their data.

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Our Features


Our users report when they are sick allowing researchers and civilians to learn more about disease.


All the data is made fully encrypted, anonymous, and location vague and sent to our server where we process it for users and researchers.


Users and Researchers can use these data to inform themselves about coming diseases and how to prepare.


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Report Your Sickness

Our reporting tool makes reporting sickness just the simple press of a few buttons.

Because of the way our reporting service works you only have to report once when you are sick, and once when you are healthy. Everything inbetween in just assumed

After you report your sickness, we process the data on the backend and give you the reports that you want.

Your Data Are Safe With Us

Using the latest technologies, we make sure nothing gets lost.

Here at Epidemik we know that security is important in the modern age. Because of this, we have taken extensive measures to make sure your data doesn't get stolen.

When you submit an account registration through the app, everything is end-to-end encrypted through SSL. After you create your account, we round your location to the nearest kilometer so no one knows where you truly are. Finally, the team at Epidemik understands that even what we do is not enough yet, so we are looking every day into how to improve your data's security. Also all of our code is open source so you know exactly what we're doing with your data. We're not afraid to let you know (unlike some others...).


Detecting what you have

WebMD, but way better.

Because when you submit your illness you also submit your symptoms, we can use artificial intelligence to learn and predict if you properly self diagnosed youself.

Currently, we are working on this feature on the backend, and we will be rolling it out on the front end in iOS Version 1.1

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    Create an Account

    Create an Epidemik account with your home address and totally anonymous username.

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    Report when you are sick

    Use our easy-to-use tool to report when you are sick and what symptoms you might have.

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    We Do The Rest

    Epidemik will now inform you of coming diseases, give you statistics about your area, and gather personal trends for you to learn more about yourself.


Are you a Researcher?

Looking to see what Epidemik has to offer? Contact us at bradford.r@husky.neu.edu or meiseles.h@husky.neu.edu and we will be in touch about pricing and how we can help you achieve you goal.

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